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Raising Animal Welfare Standards in Europe: Providing Fair Treatment and Security

14 June, Brussels, Belgium
Growth in population and consumption is increasingly leading citizens to reflect on the future management of natural resources, fair sharing of vital spaces and sustainability. This timely symposium, organised in light of the legislation’s revision, will provide an opportunity to look back on the progress made in Europe. It will gather representatives of different sectors to reflect on the biggest challenges, possible solutions and new opportunities in order to guarantee a solid animal welfare system. Read more and register

UFAW Animal Welfare Conference 2018: Recent advances in animal welfare science VI

28 June, Newcastle, UK
The field of animal welfare is a cross-disciplinary area of study that seeks to offer guidance and find solutions to the challenges raised by our caring for and interactions with both kept and wild animals. As part of its on-going commitment to improving animal welfare through increased scientific understanding of animals’ needs and how these can be met, UFAW is holding the sixth of its series of one day conferences on ‘Recent advances in animal welfare science’ Read more and register

2018 International Society for Anthrozoology Conference: Animals in Our Lives: Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Human–Animal Interactions

2-5 July, Sydney, Australia
This will be the first time the ISAZ has held a conference in the southern hemisphere – going Down Under – and we warmly invite you to join us at the Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney. Learn more

9th European Conference on Behavioural Biology (ECBB)

9-12 August, Liverpool, UK
Entries are now open for symposia submissions. Further information on registration, call for abstracts, travel and accommodation will be added shortly. Learn more

43rd World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress AND 9th FASAVA Congress

25-28 September, Singapore
We invite you to excite your sensations of sights, smells and taste in our little urban garden, with the scenic views and unique cuisines. Get lost in the culture and diversity that Singapore has to offer, and find out for yourself why we are a well-known hub even though we are only a little dot on the map. Learn more

International Companion Animal Welfare Conference 2018

9-11 October, Krakow, Poland
2018 is the twentieth ICAWC which has become the leading conference of its kind, providing a platform where hundreds of delegates working in the field of dog and cat welfare can network, exchange knowledge and gain support from like-minded delegates. Learn more

SRT 3rd International Conference: Horse, Rider, Saddlery Interactions: Welfare and Performance

8 December, Nottingham University, UK
SRT2018 is our 3rd International Conference with a wonderful line up of world-renowned equine scientists presenting the latest equine research and is generously supported by leading equine brands and organisations. By working together and putting scientific research into practice we can achieve so much to improve welfare and performance of our equine and human athletes. Read more


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An interview with CAWSEL lecturer: Professor Donald Broom

As one of the world’s leaders in animal welfare, Professor Broom shares his vast knowledge and experience with Student Manager, Edie Bowles, in the latest edition of Animal Justice UK published by A-law’s Student TeamRead the interview HERE

Cutting-edge cameras reveal the secret life of dolphins: Scientists uncover dolphins’ underwater world

A world-first study testing new underwater cameras on wild dolphins has given researchers the best view yet into their hidden marine world. Read more HERE

Animal Cognition Organisation have updated the List of Animals That Have Passed the Mirror Test

Animals that pass the mirror test will typically adjust their positions so that they can get a better look at the new mark on their body, and may even touch it or try to remove it. They usually pay much more attention to the part of their body that bears a new marking than they did in past un-marked sessions. Read more HERE

Animal Welfare: The latest news from The Guardian


Animal Mosaic: Global Animal Connections – via Animal Mosaic

This website provides information, resources and forums to enable people from diverse backgrounds to learn, interact and work together towards a better future for both animals and humans. Read latest NEWS here

Gateway to Farm Animal Welfare – via FAO

A single access point for a wide range of information related to the welfare of farm animals. A participatory platform to retrieve and submit information, as well as to engage in commonly developed projects and thematic discussions. DISCOVER MORE

Temple Grandin on Understanding Horse Behaviour – via Alberta Horses

Originally printed in Western Horseman, Nov. 1997, pp.140-145
…”Animals don’t think, they just make associations.” I responded to that by saying, “If making associations is not thinking, then I would have to conclude that I do not think.” People with autism and animals both think by making visual associations. These associations are like snapshots of events and tend to … READ MORE


Courses on Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law care of Dr Anthony Podberscek, University of Sydney
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