Course Lecturers



   ♦   Prof Donald Broom, University of Cambridge

   ♦   Prof Jonathan Cooper, University of Lincoln

   ♦   Dr Murray CorkeUniversity of Cambridge

   ♦   Dr Kevin Elliker, University of Cambridge

   ♦   Dr Peter Fordyce, University of Cambridge

   ♦   Dr Troy Gibson, Royal Veterinary College

   ♦   Dr Sonya Hill, University of Chester

   ♦   Dr Robert Hubrecht, UFAW

   ♦   Dr Sebastian McBride, Aberystwyth University

   ♦   Prof David Morton, University of Birmingham

   ♦   Dr Gareth Pearce, University of Cambridge

   ♦   Dr Anthony Podberscek, University of Sydeny

   ♦   Mr Mike Radford, University of Aberdeen

   ♦   Dr David L WilliamsUniversity of Cambridge

   ♦   Dr James Yeates, RSPCA


Courses on Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law care of Dr Anthony Podberscek, University of Sydney
(via appointed organiser Opening Doors & Venues, Wassell Grove Business Centre, Wassell Grove Lane, Stourbridge, DY9 9JH, Tel. +44 (0) 1562 731788)